Saturday, May 07, 2005

Moody, Existentialist Blog

I don't know how I found this blog but I think it's interesting. Very existentialist, random things on everything from Beethoven to the pointlessness of sending money to tsunami victims (not my opinion, but it was an interesting minority perspective).

It knocks religion, liberalism, and optimism in constructive ways which I enjoy. Above all, it does not whine. Thankya, Jesus.

Reading it for a few minutes was like when you wind up sitting next to a cool, smart, depressed atheist in a bar and you have the kind of conversation where you walk away thinking, "Gee, maybe I don't really even believe half the things I think I believe." And you feel good about it; somehow more free.

Yea, kind of like that.

Yes, I have a Sunday service to finish. Yes, I am procrastinating. It's so cold out tonight I keep having the feeling I need to pull out the "Winter Holidays" folder and start thinking about Christmas Eve. It's messin' with my mind, man.


Anonymous SOPB, Inc. said...

Well, I threw caution to the wind and wore sandals tonight. Dammit, I just got a pedicure and I am NOT pulling out my winter boots again. Out like a lamb, my ass.


Blogger PeaceBang said...

The wind was howling so hard all night I hardly got any sleep. Not to mention that I was freezing the whole time and actually had to MOVE THE BED away from the window because there was such a draft.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Peacebang,

I read through DateJesus back to December, and I thought that the blogger had considerable "wind" too. No, Peacebang, he cannot match you for pith or wit.

Though he does say many interesting and provocative things, he is also excellent at writing himself into self-conscious, "Hamlet-like" circles.

My frustration with Date Jesus really comes from some half-baked understandings of Ancient Paganism and "Indo-European" culture, which he perpetuates.

When he says, outlandishly that ancient "Indo-Europeans" did not fear death because they had the cycle of nature to comfort them. I wonder of he's thinking more of the Lion King than of ancient history.

I also wonder who these "Indo-Europeans" are? Are these "Indo European" people who came into Greece from the central Russian steppe after the Mycenean era? Or are these the Aryans who moved into the Indus valley and supplanted the Harapan civilization? (If they are, I have read Homer and the Ramayana and find fear of death on nearly every page).

If he means "Indo-European" as some kind of anthropological "catch-all" to describe everybody from India to Europe in the pre-literate world, I'm not sure we have any idea what those people feared or didn't fear. However, it is a giant mistake to say that oral cultures did not fear death.

The term Indo-European should refer to a family of languages thought to have one, VERY DISTANT, source. But it is a ridiculous stretch to say there was an "Indo-Eurpean culture" or an "Indo-European people" and that these "people" spread throughout the world sometime around 1000-700 BC.

There are many obvious problems with his terminology. For instance, I'm not sure DateJesus knows that all Semitic languages are a branch of the Indo-European language tree, and were we to add all of the Sumerian, Assyrian, Hitite and Hebraic myths into the mix, it would be considerably harder to make sweeping generalizations about what ancient "Indo-Europeans" did or didn't believe.

Also, since Anient Egyptian culture and language, which was non-Indo-European, influenced both Greek philosphy and the Hebrew Bible, what the hell are we even talking about when we make these statements about common culture of the ancient world? And by the way, what the hell am I talking about?

Blogger PeaceBang said...

Oy, we have such shmarties reading Peacebang!! Anonymous, I actually had much the same question about the Indo-European terminology that you had, although in not nearly as sweeping and brilliant a manner. Mine was more like, "Hey, is this one of those feminist-utopian revisionist history chicks who likes to blame the mean ole INDO-EUROPEANS for replacing the Goddess with the God and everything? I HOPE NOT!"

Thanks for saying that I have pit and with!! I mean, pith and wit!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Plus, it seems to be a dating site. Seems Jesus is looking for a gal. I dug his long hair, but found him too bossy.



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