Saturday, May 14, 2005


Peacebang is vaguely considering auditioning for the musical "Footloose." But she doesn't know the show, which is a little too Kevin Bacony-rock-and-rolly for her classical Broadway kick-line-oriented tastes.

However, she heard there was a preacher's wife in the show who gets to sing an okay song or two. In her range. Although the role is not funny, and PeaceBang is really a comedienne and if the role isn't, say, Medea or some Shakespearean broad she doesn't truck much with unfunny roles (except for Emma Goldman in "Ragtime" -- wow, what a great part).

The idea of attending 7 weeks of rehearsal with throngs of dancing teens creates a feeling of dread within my breast. Would it be a nightmare of bad music, back stage histrionics and leg warmers? BEEN there, DONE that. Got the award.

Any thoughts? Ever seen the show?
Would it be worth trading away months of total summer freedom (which can turn into months of boredom/meaninglessness/depression) to do?

Probably not, but I might be persuaded.


Blogger Chalicechick said...

The CSO's college roommate's comment on the movie was:

"You got a worry about a town that is kept in strict conformity by their fear of John Lithgow."


Anonymous SOPB said...

Can we still go to the Doggy Temple? Also..stay AROUND, unbusy...I MIGHT NEEDCHEW!


Blogger PeaceBang said...

oh, SOPB, in six months when I remind you of this time of tremendous change you will say, "I don't really remember, but did you see this movie? It's about these twin Belgian ghosts whose spirits are trapped inside the walls of a well, and they only come out on May 1st every year during this ancient Burning Man festival's SO GOOD!"
Munching wasabi peas all the while.


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