Monday, February 28, 2005

Two Teenie Weenie Suggestions, Miss B

Eye Cream Alert
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To adorable Drew Barrymore: I have two bits of advice for you. (1) You're an American acting legacy, dear heart. Time to hire a voice coach to help rid you of that lingering Valley Girl dialect that so limits your choice of roles. "Rrround tones, Miss Lamont, round tones!"
(2)Philosophy makes a wonderful eye cream called "Eye Believe." Eye believe you need some. Heavens, you're so wealthy you can afford Caudelie, which has grape seed extract in it. Send your assistant out for some, dear. Until you achieve the acting chops of an Annette Bening or an Imelda Staunton, we're counting on you to be smashingly adorable at all times. Crow's feet just won't do.


Blogger Amma oonie said...

Here's an alternative NATURAL source of women's face & body goodies. Mother Theresa's Sacred Oils--I can't find her web site, sorry. But she is a goddess & makes her own organic face & body care products. She's also a herbalist & makes great oils like "erotic oil" whose smell just sends me home to the honey, throwing him in the bed!

My dry skin just plumps up from her products & the subtle smell is incredible. She's just drop-dead gorgeous, too, and her light shines from the insides of her goodness to the "package" & her face! Good DNA, sure, but that's been helped by her own products.

Here's her email.

Blogger PeaceBang said...

Welcome to Peacebang, Amma!

Anonymous the prophet said...

I have thought long and hard about the state of Drew Barrymore as revealed at the Oscars. Will no one point out the obvious! That's not Drew Barrymore! Drew Barrymore doesn't look like her. Drew Barrymore has a little bit of a babyface, which makes her look, well, like Drew Barrymore. The woman passing herself off as Drew is obviously someone else -- I suspect a younger relative of Cokie Roberts perhaps. She did sound like Drew Barrymore a little, but Piecebong wants you to change that too.

Bad move, Drew, you now look like everyone else. Don't sound like everyone else too.

Anonymous Rue said...

I really have to say that I don't think that's Drew at all. I am HUGE fan & (embarassingly enough)have collected many of her magazine covers. That imposter is cute and resembles her, but is simply too old-looking to be her. All other recent close-ups of Drew look nothing like that pic. Drew is also only 30 years old. Just turned 30 last week. It's easy to keep your face in WAY better shape than that @ 30 - especially w/her $. She also dated the younger and fabulous Fabrizio for quite awhile - so I'm sure she wouldn't let herself go like that! I'm 32 & have no wrinkles like that just from moisturizing well a.m. & p.m. with over-the-counter stuff. Drew is way to stylish & classy, etc. to look that way NOW - that will be her in her late 40's. How can we expose the imposter?


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