Saturday, February 26, 2005

Peacebang at the Gates

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Oh no, I just "outed" myself as a short, chunky woman in a blue hat!

But seriously, folks... hope you had a good time while I was gone. I saw a new musical by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty (the same team who did "Ragtime" and "Once On This Island") called "Dessa Rose," starring LaChanze and Rachel York. I cried a lot, but remained lukewarm about it in general. As J. suggested, "maybe slavery just isn't a great topic for the musical theatre." Also, P. and I saw "Being Julia" and absolutely adored it madly. It is a celebration of the neurotic neediness of The Diva, and features a gorgeously aging Annette Bening affectionately murmuring such lines as "You're a revolting hag." She has WON my heart, as has her creation Julia, and I hope she takes home a big, fat Oscar tomorrow night.

P.S. Hank, I blame YOU for getting everyone going on polyamory, you rascally rabbit.


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