Monday, February 28, 2005

Sartorial TMI

pelvic bones
Originally uploaded by Peacebang.
Ladies and gentlemen, for your consideration: two gorgeous stars of the silver screen in high fashion for the Oscars 2005, but sharing just a little bit too much information about the exact state of their physiques for my comfort level. Miss Berry, I should not be able to see your pelvic bones jut out -- one after the other in undulating regularity- when you walk onstage. And Miz Swank, swanky as you are, you are nevertheless coming so dangerously close to sporting derriere cleavage as to give me a case of the vapors.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pastor Peacebang, how could you. I need to see her pelvic bones, I absolutely must! I need to know that I too can be that waifishly thin, and if not, then why am I dizzy from self-starvation? Why have I deleted all carbohydrates and fats from my diet? Why do I slavishly mortify my flesh at the torturous chamber of my local gym? If not for pelvic bones? If not for glorious pelvic bones sticking out of my gown like a bony corpse covered in satin and moving about like a haunted halloween skeleton? If not for this, then for what?


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