Thursday, January 13, 2005

Verizon Madness

My cell phone woke me up this morning and told me it had tons of new voice messages for me. When I listened to the messages, not only were there two new ones from friends they left on, um, CHRISTMAS, and two from a friend left on NEW YEAR'S DAY (Sylvester! So sorry! I never heard them!), but there was a message from MYSELF that I left in early December for a colleague on MARTHA's VINEYARD, discussing a memorial service we were doing together.
"This is my voice mail to the world
that never text-messaged me..."
(Apologies to Emily Dickinson)

I have been walking around with very big eyes and a very furrowed brow all morning. What other messages have I missed? Where is this limbo or purgatory my messages have been lost in all this time? Did I unintentionally do some penance to release them?

I am thinking of having an existential crisis about it but I'll have to schedule it for later in the day.


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