Saturday, January 08, 2005

Aniston and Pitt Splitt?

I was upset when Billy Bob and Angelina tossed in the towel but dern it, I'm just about wrecked by this latest reported Hollywood bust-up. B.B. and Angie were like a train wreck: so horrible you couldn't look away. But Jen and Brad are so wholesome, so smiling and hopeful ya just have to root for them. MSN says they're splitting, but STAR has exclusive photos of them frolicking happily on a tropical Christmas vacation. Who knows, but this speculation leads me to wonder if Ms. Aniston and Mr. Pitt had pre-marital counseling before they tied the knot in front of 200 mostly-famous guests, with that gospel choir singing and all. Do you think the person who officiated at the nuptials bothered to ask them about their shared vision for married life, or was he or she too blinded by the light of celebrity to bother?


Blogger sari gordon said...

you know the really gnarly part? brad might be dating angelina ewie! gross! she's a wingnut! and billy bob thornton is a wife-beating loser who i won't go see his movies or even work on my grammar for.

Blogger PeaceBang said...

Wow. Brad and Angelina? So let's see, that would be going from, like, Fresh-Scrubbed Wholesome Girl Next Door to Vampy, Exotic Temptress. What would be next? Sporty and Slightly Masculine, or Chubby and Nurturing? Any nominees? How about, oh I don't know... Missy Elliott? That would be REAL romance variety!


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