Tuesday, January 04, 2005

20 Facts About American Voters

Well, I just thought ya'll should see this and please do comment (since no one is yet commenting on this blog anyway):


The doubter in me wants someone tell me how it's all wrong; the crazy ravings of a paranoiac. Anybody? Anybody?
I woke up this morning to the news of the assassination of the governor of Baghdad. Way to GO with that bringing democracy to Iraq! Whenever I see Bush or Rumsfeld I just see blood dripping off of their sneering faces. And yet they both continue to walk around free men -- collecting paychecks, no less.


Blogger Wayne said...

Doesn't the assasination of the governor of Baghdad go to show that the enemies we are combating in Iraq are enemies of democracy? Should we merely give in to that and surrender by pulling out our troops?

Blogger K Minette said...

Because I have been earnestly and probably a bit hysterically reading the liberal blogs like Eschaton Daily Kos and Talk Left...I did learn of these atrocities. It's all so corrupt it makes my head spin. I need to spit.

Blogger PeaceBang said...

Well Wayne, I understand that that's a popular conservative interpretation of the insurgents' actions, but it's not one I share. I tend to think that we are imposing something that will eventually resemble representative democracy the way that velvet paintings of Elvis "resemble" art at the end of a bayonet. We're doing it almost purely for economic interest, we're doing it illegally, immorally and with plain bad and military strategy (thank you, Mr. Rumsfeld!Especially now, when you refuse to admit that your "fast, cheap and dirty" fantasy of "liberating" Iraq is an abject failure!). Also, it's real, real clear that a great number of Sunnis don't want democracy -- they want theocracy, darlin' -- and their planned boycott of the election in January's going to render the Iraqi constitution null and void anyway. So on that point, yes, you're right. They are "enemies" of democracy in that they don't much cotton to Americans imposing it on them. I prefer to think of them as fundamentalists, brand-new members of the "We Hate America" Team and future terrorists rather than "enemies of democracy." Thanks for posting.


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