Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Emergency Contraception Non-Story

Now this here ticks me right off. Channel 7 (WHDH) had a leading story on Emergency Contraception (EC) on the 4 o'clock news today whose promotional blurb made it sound as though women were using EC as birth control of the first resort and whooping it up with all kinds of unprotected sex. "Contraception Controversy" was the name of the story. But 'twarent no story. Just a misleading promo aimed at hooking viewers and insulting women. The subsequent story, au contraire, informed us that a study by the AMA shows that women are (ohmigod!)using EC responsibly, keeping an Rx on-hand and using it for risky times such as condom malfunction, or a missed Pill. The AMA studies show that women are NOT, in fact, using EC as birth control; they're using other methods of legitimate birth control and saving EC for its intended use.

EC-supporting gals and the men who love them: fling your old Pill packs and foil condom wrappers at health reporter Janet Wu (or her producer) at WHDH-TV:
and tell her what you think of WHDH for leaving those viewers who didn't stick around to see the story with the impression that EC is the drug of choice for scads of Bad Girls around Boston. And while you're at it, visit the good folks of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice and make a donation in Ms. Wu's name, or Peacebang's!


Blogger PeaceBang said...

Follow up note: Ms. Wu sent me a very nice, swift response saying she's out of town right now but she promises to check all the promotional spots for the story and chat with her producer, who was responsible for them. Peacebang looks forward to hearing back from her with her own opinion...

Blogger Chalicechick said...

Did Janet Wu ever get back to you?


Blogger Barbara L. said...

Glad to see another person writing about women's health/alternative health issues:- My blog focuses on the politics of health.

I really like your blog:-)


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