Friday, January 07, 2005

My Striped Nurse


Thanks for your concern, Peacebangers. I'm feeling better today, although still weak, thinking that asthma was a complicating factor in my little adventure. Like, breathing toxic fumes on an empty stomach in an overly-warm, tiny, enclosed nail salon for an hour that day prolly didn't do me any good. But hey, my NAILS LOOK GREAT. My hands will be just lovely as I'm writing out all those checks to the hospital and ambulance company.

My cat plastered herself against me all night, which is quite different from her usual Miss Independence routine (she has her own little blue toile bed at the foot of my bed and sleeps there, thank you very much). I would open my eyes and see this adorable striped face with big concerned green eyes staring at me. When she saw that I was awake she'd bust into purring and lick me. I am starting to get very Egyptian in my concept of God: I'm pretty sure today that the Great Cosmic One is a Cat.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

After the latest disgusting gathering of Anglican bishops in Belfast, of all the places in the world that need another RIGHT WING INTOLERANT ANYTHING (Sorry, I'm a flamin Fenian & Gerry Adams preaches some of the best social gospel evah. Sinn Fein!)--whereby that stupid Robin Eames & his idiot report that neglected 30+ years of biblical scholarship about homosexuality, etc etc got everyone all stirred up & the ECUSA & the Church of Canada are being "asked" to REPENT and apologise for ordaining and marrying non-heteros, etc etc. [I had such hopes for Rowan Williams, too! But those folks like bullet-proofed limo archbishp Akinola (ACK is certainly right)]...It's those old boys in rochets & chimeres & miters who need to be apologisin to the ECUSA & the Church of Canada. There is much to condemn the US for,especially if one lives in Mama Africa, but this isn't the issue for slambanging the US liberal Episcos...I remain an independent Anglican of 5 months and here in 6 months time the ECUSA has broken my heart, the church I love with my whole heart & soul...I weep these days just opening the Book of Common Prayer and smelling the paper & ink but am searching for a new way to the Divine...Is this 52 year old brain too old and too US Southern-born [ah still sound lak ah've got grits in mah mouf] to try to wrap around Buddhism or Hinduism. I'd be a great Quaker,but Goddess, I love thinking of starting a WOMANCHURCH in a yurt. Seriously.

Too bad the ECUSA doesn't have the where with all to organise and send liberal missionaraies to Africa. After all, Cape Town IS a gay African hotspot!

Sorry I'm blithering, but rage and pain takes over at all this...don't know why we Anglicans even bother. This stuff is no issue for UU's, UCC's & MCC's.......sigh

amma oonie


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