Sunday, January 09, 2005

And Then She Ran For Her Life

I am watching "The Actor's Studio" on Bravo with James Lipton, who is interviewing Cameron Diaz with more than his usual sycophantic intensity; he looks like he's about to lunge out of his chair and snap Diaz's neck between his teeth, crunching her bones and broadly wiping his mouth with a big, blood-stained hanky. He wants her so badly his glasses are fogging up.
The audience of student artists and actors ("Hi, um, my name is Elaine and I'll never work because I'm an unattractive wanna-be with delusions of talent, but I was wondering, what was it like to work with Marty Scorcese?") is watching with that particularly rapt, maenad-like hysteria they always have, as though only sheer willpower is keeping them from rushing at Diaz and tearing her body apart with their bare hands,stuffing any little bit of her famous, gorgeous, blonde essence they can get into their mouths.

Cameron Diaz' upper lip is so charmingly lopsided and thin, I deeply fear that she will inject herself with collagen and become one of those Meg Ryan duck-faced Hollywood freaks.
Her favorite word? "Unity."
Her least-favorite word? "Hate."
That is so deep, but I still hated "Shrek."


Blogger Consort said...

I've sort of had it with "The Actor's Studio." At first it seemed to be a show about actual acting with guests who were actual actors, even if their most notable performances have been in movies. But Cameron Diaz? Charlie's Angel? What does anyone EXPECT her to say about acting? I've seen Drew Barrymore prattling on about "her craft" on that show, and countless Hollywood fashion-wearers getting a weepy face and saying their favorite sound is "children laughing." But the lowest point in the history of the show had to be the day Billy Joel was on. Billy Joel. Is a singer. He had just so very little to say about acting. Because he plays the piano. The best one EVER was Hugh Grant. He just sat there and essentially made fun of the whole thing.


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