Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Harrowing Of Hell

I'm not quite sure what Jesus was doing today the year he was crucified. I believe one of the things orthodox tradition has him doing is harrowing hell and freeing all the souls, very Rambo the Redeemer. Maybe Mel Gibson will make a movie.

But look, I found this great passage in "The Gospel of Nicodemus Acts of Pilate and Christ's descent into Hell" in Wilhelm Schneemelcher, ed., New Testament Apocrypha, Volume One: Gospels and Related Writings, revised edition. In this hilarious exchange between Satan and Hades, Hades bemoans Christ's ability to restore the dead from the Underworld. He says,

"I have pain in the stomach. Lazarus who was snatched from me before seems to me no good sign."

Do you LOVE the idea of Satan hanging out talking with Hades? Holy syncretism, Batman!
I have this image of Jesus walking in on them, kind of swaggering in his robe, and saying, "Yeaaaa, Hades, get used to it. I'm gonna be snatching a lot of li'l doggies from your ranch before this is all over." Then he walks away twirling his pistol.

And Satan and Hades just sit there all dejected on the porch, pouring iced tea from a pitcher and staring off into space.



Blogger juniper68 said...

I'm kind of hoping this was part of your good friday sermon, but I guess that's probably a lot to hope for, even in Week of Miracles. (would like to see the real one, btw, if you are planning on posting it....)

Blogger Comrade Kevin said...

I think my favorite passage is in the infancy gospel of Thomas, in which a young Jesus turns a boy into a rock, then changes him back later.

But sure, I can see a Cowboy Jesus. Works for me.

Anonymous Gracie said...

I can see a lusty Jesus, drinking wine and partying with Maggie. I really love Him this way.


Blogger Shawna Renee said...

That is a wonderful scene! May be the silence of Saturday doesn't extend everywhere. bwaaa-haaaa-haaaaa.


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