Monday, March 26, 2007

Jesus as Trickster

I am preaching this coming Sunday on Jesus as a Trickster figure, and as Holy Fool.

Does anyone have favorite readings on the subject?

Thanks for helps. Kiss of peace.


Blogger Chance said...

As far as blog sources, the Happy Tutor a good post on Trickster Christ a couple years back. It doesn't seem to be up anymore, but I've got at least part of it still here.

Blogger Chance said...

Oh, and "Lord of the Dance?"

Anonymous parisa said...

I'm preaching on same, and my favorite resource for fool info (in preaching and life) is Trickster Makes This World by Lewis Hyde. A treasure trove.

Blogger ms. kitty said...

I don't know how easy it might be to find, but Web Kitchell's "Coyote" series uses the Trickster image a lot. Actually, it would probably be available at the UUA bookstore.

Anonymous Jess said...

There's an old Christmas carol on a Nowell Sing We Clear album about Jesus playing with the other children in town, who didn't play nicely. Jesus ran out on the water, the rest of them followed, and then they drowned! There's a verse at the end where Mary takes a switch to him. My jaw was on my chest the first time I heard it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear all- two of my favorite seminary professors have done work on "the foolishness" of Jesus, and Jesus as jester/trickster figure- Satn Saunders and Chuck Campbell- I recommend them highly- N

Blogger karlassi said...

It's not really the trickster theme, but if you remember, Marc Chagall loved the circus and scriptures as inspiration for his artwork. Maybe his images will provide visual inspiration.....


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