Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sorry Alison, I Can't Kill You Now

Poor Alison wrote in the comments section,

"After we found our basement flooded this morning, I decided to look up the 10-day forecast to find some hope. But it said the next non-rainy day in Boston is a week from Tuesday! Please kill me now."

Well Alison, I do belong to an organization called Compassion & Choices which advocates for death with dignity and end-of-life choices,

but I'm not sure that a forecast of rain from now through next Tuesday is a valid reason for me to hand over the cup of hemlock.
Be assured, dear Bostonian sister, that I DO FEEL YOUR PAIN.
I have considered driving to the zoo and throwing myself into the lion's habitat a few times this week. Vitamin D deficiency can do that to you.

I got out of bed this morning at 8:15 a.m. More driving rain. Usually I rise at 6:30 or 7:00 on church days. The cat was most alarmed. She woke me at 7:00 explaining that she was trying to make me breakfast in bed for Mother's Day, but since she doesn't have opposable thumbs she couldn't work the spatula to flip the pancakes. I said I understand and please go away, Human Mother is trying to sleep. We had cereal later.
Took the world's shortest shower (for me) and did a quick primp.
Strolled into church at 9:30, joined the Second Sunday discussion on the Lord's Prayer for twenty-five minutes, went and put on my robe, dealt with last minute details and led the service. I think my preaching, which I took in a more slow, considered and relaxed manner than usual, was at its best. I wrote the sermon between 10-12:30 p.m. last night.
Maybe water-logged crankiness and Vitamin D deficiency is good for me.


Blogger Kim said...

We had our months of rain. They went on and on here too. My partner complained a lot. Now it's hot -- 92 degrees today -- and my partner is happy and I am complaining -- I'd rather have the rain! and no, I didn't complain through the rain.
It takes all kinds....

Blogger Jamie Goodwin said...

I don't know how you professional ministers do it! I need at least 3 days lead time for a sermon. 'course I don't preachify every week so maybe that is why.


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