Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Frank Rich Does the Colbert Report

Stephen Colbert has notoriously brutal former NY Times theatre critic (and now op-ed columnist) Frank Rich on his show right now and Rich is actually giggling and muffing all over the place. He just said that President Bush isn't doing much right now, "he's just sitting around lactating." LOL!

It's hilarious. He's nervous! But Colbert, an actor himself, just asked a great question. He said, "You're a former theatre critic. Why are Republicans so much better at the theatre of politics than the Democrats?"
At which Rich responded, "They're so much better at it, it's not even funny. They like the simple plot line better..." At which point Colbert broke in, "'Oklahoma.' 'The Pajama Game.' 'Annie. The sun'll come out tomorrow.'"
And the Democrats? Rich and Colbert agreed that they prefer epics like "A Long Day's Journey Into Night" or "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" or "Sweeney Todd."

Great point, and Rich is blatantly admiring of Colbert and happy as hell to have gotten through his mock grilling without too many gaffes. The lactating remark, though, will live on. I can't believe I just saw the infamous FRANK RICH blush and giggle. I mean, when I was growing up he totally made and broke careers. He closed Broadway shows with a a withering glance.

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