Sunday, May 07, 2006

A Message From L'il Flava

L'il Flava graduates from Union Theological Seminary with her Ph.D. two weeks from now. I will be there, proud as a mama and wearing 4" Kenneth Cole cork sandals.
I got a message from her today. She's flying all over the place singing and interviewing and God knows what else. Giving papers at conferences.

"Hi, it's me. Calling to tell you that I played to a crowd of 10,00 in the Anaheim Arena. Granted, they were all Methodist woman, but I saw my face on a Jumbotron, and I had a fog machine behind me, and I even opened for one of the Indigo Girls. How about that."

(Methodist women, what do you think of that blow-off!?)

I cannot WAIT to hear about the fog machine.


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