Friday, April 28, 2006

GA Blogger Dinner

Folks, it looks like "Si! Por Favor!" for a tapas meal together at GA in St. Louis. I don't think the restaurant will be near the convention center but let's just be glamorous and take cabs.

Does anyone remember the name of the blogger who put together the wonderful list of St. Louis restaurants and resources? He recommended a couple of tapas joints and I want to look them up but I've plumb forgotten who he is.

Looking at my GA schedule thus far, Friday looks pretty good, but if I recall correctly, lots of people have seminary reunion dinners that night. How about Thursday as a preliminary suggestion and we'll get a gander of the program on Monday and make it firm then?

Stay tuned...



Blogger CK said...

Peacebang, that was me. I'm actually a "she", but that's hard to tell on the Internet:)

Mirasol and Modesto's are my two favorites in town. Check out for more info on these and other restaurants.

If any of you are from Boston or NY, you'll be happy with the cab fare here--much cheaper. But Mirasol is right across from the MetroLink station in U City, so if you want to go public transit, it's very do-able.

If you want to email me for more info, arbitrary [dot] marks [at]


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