Wednesday, October 19, 2005

PeaceBang Shamelessly Plugs Her New Group

**"American Roots" Concert Comes to The Village Church**

"Sweet the Sound," a musical project focusing on American sacred "roots"music (bluegrass, gospel, old time country, shape note, etc.) will perform at the Village Church on Saturday night, November 19, at 7:30pm.
(Wellesley Hills, MA)

The project takes its name from the lyrics of "Amazing Grace," perhaps "the most famous song in American sacred music, known and loved well beyond the bounds of Christianity," says the project's Musical Director, Matthew Myer Boulton. (Boulton is also Professor of Worship at AndoverNewton Theological School, and Associate Pastor of Hope Church in Jamaica Plain.) Since the success of the film soundtracks for "Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou?" and "Cold Mountain," Boulton says, there has been a resurgence ofinterest in old American sacred music. "Sweet the Sound is about rediscovering some of the great songs in American Christian traditions, songs that have stood the test of time,and go right to the heart of human experience," says Neil Helme, a singer, stand-up bass player, and founding member of the project."All in a row," he says, "we'll play an African-American spiritual, a Hank Williams tune, a vibrant gospel song, and a shape note hymn from1846. It's an American gumbo."
The project also writes and performs original material, influenced by these old classics. The "Sweet the Sound" concert will be an evening of great music,fellowship for all ages, and a chance to "sing with the ancestors," asBoulton puts it. And what's more, it's free! So mark your calendars -and invite a friend or two!


PeaceBang says, "I went to my first rehearsal last week and I can confidently say, it's a whole passel o' fun!"


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