Saturday, October 15, 2005

T-Man Sam Rides Again

T-Man Sam called the other day in a blaze of artistic hysteria because he's preparing a big art show in Toronto for the beginning of November and also showing in some galleries in his own hometown of Ottawa:

His great big giant artistic brain inspired him to create an enormous pisanki, which is a Ukranian Easter Egg for you non-Bohunks out there. T-Man is of Ukie heritage and I am of Czech heritage and when he found out I knew what a pisanki was we knew we were fated for life. So he is, at this very moment apparently, soaking and bending wood and stuff and hot gluing it into place. Or he's welding it. Or maybe whittling it. I really don't know, as it was impossible to follow his explanation and I can't imagine you make WOOD BEAMS into an egg shape in the first place. But he's the genius, not I, and I'm telling you this, dear readers, to say that sometimes you meet really wonderful people through the blogging world.

Good luck, T-Man. May the pisanki vision make itself manifest through you. Just don't hurt yourself with the power tools.


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