Thursday, October 13, 2005

Just Griping

I'm so tired my eyes burn, and it's been raining for four straight days. I've unpacked and caught up on all the laundry and phone calls but I haven't hauled my carcass out for any grocery shopping yet, which means I'm foraging for nuts and berries in the crevasses of the cabinet. I know I have some frozen items but I don't even feel like microwaving anything.

When Elizabeth picked me up from the airport on Monday she brought a thermos of broccoli soup with her, and some home-made muffins. It almost made me cry. The last real thing I had had to eat was an amazingly good barbecue briscuit sandwich in the Dallas Airport, like ten hours earlier.

Yes, we use food too much for comfort, but it's a kind of comfort that works sometimes.

I am going for a massage tomorrow for the simple reason that my jaw is clenched so tight I can feel my shoulders creeping up toward my ears in response. I did a lot of stretching this morning but unexpected ministerial obligations prevented me getting to the gym.

I just had no idea this trip would be so exhausting.

It's 8:30 pm and I might just call it quits for the day. My sermon sucketh mightily but you know what? I have a Board retreat all day Saturday followed by a church potluck (for which I should cook something, but won't -- if I can't feed myself I sure can't feed anyone else). The sermon is honest, passionate, as coherent as I can be right now, and it will have to do.

I will undoubtedly pick at it tomorrow but I have decided that grocery shopping is my #1 priority, followed by a swim.


Blogger Peregrinato said...

Self care, self care, self care. Peace and pop tarts...


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