Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Lake Martin, Lousiana

Lake Martin, Lousiana
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After having an iced latte in Broux Bridge (!) and visiting the Tabasco factory, we drove around this gorgeous lake, or rather Volunteer Steve drove and I hung out the passenger side window trying to spot alligators. I was very committed to seeing some gators on my trip, for which people teased me. They kept insisting I should just ORDER some for an appetizer. They say they taste like chicken. Ha ha. But they really do, apparently.

We never saw any gators but after we pulled up to the lake to watch this guy fishing I heard a tremendous snorting, whoofing kind of sound and I knew it could only be one thing.

Lake Martin


Steve said no, maybe bullfrogs, but honey, that was no bullfrog. I asked someone later what gators sound like and sure enough, that's what they sound like: kind of like what you'd get if you mixed a pig with a dog and made them breathe real hard through a straw.

Please Don't Feed the Gators


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