Thursday, October 06, 2005

Katrina Relief Donations Ideas, October 6th

Listen up, ya'll.
I just came back from Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church in Baton Rouge.
They are hosting 67 individuals there right now, including lots of children, in a NON Red Cross, impromptu shelter. People are geting placed from there into some kind of housing, or being re-located. They need
housewares: silverware, dish towels, toasters, blenders, etc.
CLEANING SUPPLIES (for those returning to New Orleans, especially)
towels, linens
for setting up new house.

There are new evacuees coming in because FEMA is going to stop paying for hotel and motel rooms, so they're looking at another big raft of folks coming in soon.
Not only this, but they are connected as a distribution center to several other AME churches that have, all told about 350 evacuees staying in their buildings.

I noticed a nice, shiny church across the street from Allen Chapel that was empty and shiny. For shame.

Mrs. Belinda Washington is running things at Allen Chapel and coordinating with the other churches, and she is just saving lives. She is saving lives every day.
I personally think she should run FEMA, and possibly this country.

For her residents, you may assemble personal hygiene kits containing: toothpaste and brush, soap, deoderant, Tampax, razors and shaving creme, and a washrag. They would be so grateful. Some children's packages would also be thoughtful and appreciated.
Please do not send clothes, as they have all they need at this time.

Send to:

Allen Chapel
AME Church
6175 Scenic Highway
Baton Rouge, LA 70807

Thank you.


Blogger Mrs. Freeman said...

It is hurricane season again. We are in need of items. We do have enough clothes at the time. Please send batteries, flashlights, portable radios and/or other donations. Thank you in advance.


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