Monday, October 03, 2005

What I Took To Baton Rouge

It doesn't help that the cat is being excessively adorable, extending her animatronic Toonces paw around the side of the computer and batting at me while I type, all the while purring up a storm. She has a miniscule red scab near the bald spot on her ear that has me worried since I'm leaving for Baton Rouge in the morning and can't take her to the vet. What if it gets HUGE and takes over her whole precious striped head?

I haven't taken her to the vet for two years. There, I admit it. It's not that I'm a bad Cat Mom, it's that she has such hysterical fits when she has to get in her carrier that I dread trying to stuff her in there for the 7 minute ride. Since she's an entirely indoor feline I kid myself that she can skip her annual check-up.

I know. I know. I promise to reform my ways and get her in that blasted carrier ASAP no matter how fat and bushy her tail gets, and how menacing her growl. She also yowls as though someone is torturing her. Did I mention that?

I just don't feel like going away right now, but that's neither here nor there. I just hope I can be of some help, even if it's just getting my colleague to relax for an hour over lunch. My sermon is almost done and I feel like the world's all-time moron for preaching on the subject of RESILIENCE to a Baton Rouge congregation post- Katrina. What was I thinking? I should have preached on The Book of Job or something. Truth to tell, I just didn't have time to write a new sermon so I tailored this one -- which I wrote for my own congregation's Homecoming Sunday -- for them. I just hope they don't knock me down and kick me in the head at coffee hour. I have this vision of me rolling around trying to shield my internal organs as the boots come flying, yelling, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I thought it would be inspirational! I thought it would be healing!"

My hostess tells me that the grocery stores are just about empty; she got the last loaf of bread in the store the other day. So I am bringing some items from Trader Joe's: pumpkin bread mix, cornbread mix, brownie mix (that wonderful fat free stuff you make with yogurt) and some other unperishables. Everyone can get their hands on some canola oil, water and an EGG, right? I also just think that everyone should have pumpkin bread in the autumn, even if it is 90 degrees where you are.

Everyone says to bring a surgical mask for the mold. And surgical gloves. So I'm packing those but don't really anticipate needing them.

I'll blog from Louisiana if I can find the time and the computer. I bought this fancy laptop last summer and wouldn't ya know, I'm too nervous to travel with it! I'm too scared someone will steal it and that without it, my brain will just shrivel up and stop, like Harriet the Spy's did when her parents took her notebook away.

Speaking of which, if you haven't read Harriet the Spy you're missing one of the great literary masterworks of all time. It is a bald heinous crime that they cast Rosie O'Donnell as Ole Golly in the movie, instead of the obvious and only choice, Lily Tomlin.

But I digress. Better get back to packing.


Blogger Peregrinato said...

Safe journeys! You're in my thoughts and prayers.

Blogger Eric Posa said...

Baton Rouge is the church I interned in. They're good people, and a great community--the kind of church Baton Rouge needs to deal with the post-Katrina world. And they are definitely resilient. Don't worry about your topic at all, PB--I've know doubt they'll receive a good word from you.

Though Job also would have been good.


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