Sunday, October 02, 2005

PeaceBang Approaching Forty

Originally uploaded by Peacebang.
I just tried an experiment. I took a photo of myself just sitting there, making no effor to have a facial expression. I wondered what I really look like in repose.

The answer is, I look like a tired, slightly jowly, approaching-middle-age woman.

The Mac lipgloss helps some, but there it is.

I look like a woman who has slightly less time to suffer fools than she used to, and who has seen a thing or two.
Not bad. Accurate. Evidence of many good meals under the chin(s). Laugh lines around the eyes, and rumination lines around the mouth.

How interesting. I can certainly see why people seek the scalpel at this age, but what a pity to miss all the roadwork life does on your face.


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