Saturday, September 24, 2005

Redeeming Weddings

Not only did Nightmare Wedding Guest steer entirely clear of me today, I had my heart stolen by the two flower girls who were the cutest thing you've ever seen since Rainbow Brite came mincing down the pike.

They were Sophie and Hannah, 3 and 6 years old, looking angelic in simple white princess dresses with blush pink roses on the neckline and hem. Not only did they drop the petals with special delicacy and flare, they were perfectly behaved through the entire ceremony. I have to admit that Sophie, with her white blonde hair in a bowl cut, and perfectly round nose and big serious eyes, especially slayed me.

We had a quiet moment to chat after the ceremony when we went upstairs to find her blankie. I asked her whether she had any pets and learned that she has two cats, Romeo and Chloe. But Romeo runned away. I told her I was very sorry to hear that, and maybe he just needed to go be a wild cat in the woods for awhile and he would come back. I hoped he would. Romeo got under a car, Sophie said, and the car went on top of him. I replied that I was so very sorry. It's so very sad when cats get run over by cars.

After a moment of silent remembrance, Sophie said that they saw Romeo yesterday.
I stopped trying to figure it all out and said that I was sure glad that they still had Chloe. And what color is Chloe?

This question drew grave consideration. "She's white. And purple... And green."

I said I thought she sounded very pretty. She sounded so pretty that I had to dab at my eyes with my hankie about it.

Two wonderful things happened later in the evening: I made the acquaintance of two charming, funny people who just happen to be neighbors (REALLY neighbors, as in they live down the street from me) and who happen to know a whole bunch of my favorite old school chums from Connecticut (!). The second thing was that as I was walking back to the reception from the powder room, Sophie saw me coming and ran down the hall to me and threw herself into my arms.


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