Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Goat Ate My Emmys Review

PeaceBangers, please do not think that I would have let a major celebrity-oriented cultural event go by without commenting on it!

I did watch the last 45 minutes of the Emmys on Sunday night. I did have witty, trenchant observations. I did hold my hand over my mouth in horror over Patricia Arquette's bad Andrew Sisters hair-do:

I did throw my shoe at the screen when "Everybody Loves Mediocrity" won Best Comedy for the squillionth time in a row, leaving such comic gems as "Arrested Development" in the dust.

I did root for Zach Braff, 'cause we're fellow Wildcats. He didn't win.

I did think that Hugh Jackman's alarming Wolverine sideburns were hilarious, and that he was adorable and Whoopi Goldberg as thoroughly unfunny as ever.

I did find Felicity Huffman's speech the most endearing of the lot.

And I did write this all up and experience AN ERROR, according to blogspot. And I did lose it all. Quelle dommage.


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