Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Derby Street Shoppes Gaffe

So I get this flier in the mail today from the local swanky outdoor mall


announcing "Suffrage Days" when we get to "pamper ourselves" and shop 'til we drop. There will be gift bags, samples, and little events like wine tastings.
5% of the proceeds from these days (Sept. 19-September 22) will go to hurricane relief if you bring your receipts to S.R. Weiner & Associates: 781.749.7800 or Carolyn.Kennedy@SRWeiner.com

Sound nice?
Wait, there's more.

Here's what it says on the front flap of the brochure, which pictures a woman carrying TEN shopping bags and swinging along in an attitude of utmost joy and liberation:

Webster defines the word "suffrage" as "the right to vote in a political election.

The whole thing would have been a really nice idea if they hadn't gone and perverted the idea of suffrage in such an egregiously materialistic manner.

I mean, the whole point of the suffrage movement was to empower women to have a voice in society. I take serious offense in the notion that all we need to be empowered is a working credit card and the desire to own a lot of new stuff. And to dump those damn kinder at home.

Susan B. Anthony must be sitting stark upright in her grave.

What I suggest is that South Shore PeaceBangers boycott the Derby Street Shoppes for those three days or longer and send what you would have spent directly to the hurricane relief organization of your choice.

May I also recommend that you write to Ms. Kennedy and explain that "suffrage" and "pamper" are not synonymous? And that she ought to fire her development person or at least send her to a Woman's Studies class somewhere, and pronto?



Blogger Ben said...

Do you still have a copy of this brochure? We have struggle against this developer and would like to show people how they really feel about women.


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