Saturday, September 24, 2005

And I Just Had To Include This, Too

Also from the NY Times Arts section...

Well, good for you, Aprile Milo!

The diva apparently cancelled what was to be a "cross-over" concert when she found out that she would be asked to do some rock-and-roll stuff. I mean, there's cross-over and then there's just ridiculous.

Even though she used to be plain old April Miles (this according to an old opera pal of mine, although he might just be gossiping), girlfriend knows where to put her pipes. And where not to.

Now if we can just put a stop to Kiri Te Kanawa singing show tunes, and do something permanent about that Andrea Bocelli creature who's always caterwalling at the Barnes & Noble with that other singer-thing, the one who sounds like Minnie Mouse on helium and has the blue-glitter-buttered eyelids ... the world would be such a better place.


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