Friday, October 14, 2005

Miss Otis Regrets

I received an e-mail invitation to a Harvard Alumni Dinner on November 20th. President Larry Summers to give the keynote address. My reply, verbatim:

"My opinion of President Summers is less than fond. I attended the HDS Convocation in 2004 and was treated to the sight of our eminent preacher, the Rev. Dr. Peter Gomes, giving a brilliant address while Larry Summers sat slouched down in his chair with his legs sprawled apart in the fashion of an irritated frat boy. He couldn't have communicated 'I don't want to be here; this isn't important' more clearly had he had a placard around his neck bearing the message in ink.

I have no desire to attend any Harvard functions that feature Dr. Summers, but thanks for asking."

[Rev. PeaceBang]


Blogger Happy Cindy said...

You Go!

and thanks for the reference, I've had the SpongeBob Squarepants song stuck in my head all day. Now I can have it be the much more singable
Miss Otis Regrets
she's unable to lunch
to dayyyyy


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