Thursday, July 14, 2005

Vineyard Church

So, doesn't this look like a terrific church?

From a perusal of their web site, I only see a Christ-centered, very hip group of people who seem to really want me to join with them. It looks like a great summer worship community for me, the Jesus freak UU chick who appreciates an opportunity to get down and praise-y for a few weeks when her own congregation is having bi-monthly lay-led services.

Of course I know that I really don't want to go to the Vineyard, as (I think!?) their theology falls into the conservative, fundamentalist category that exclude gay people from grace, and which commits other serious sins against the true gospel as my tradition understands it.

Notice, however, that their web site doesn't really go into theology all that much. It emphasizes community, optimism, inclusion, the arts, and where to park on Sunday morning.

Those who shop for churches the same way they shop for beach towels get what they deserve, I suppose. You should no more choose a religious community by shopping for it online than you should scroll down the thousands of photos on looking for a mate. The snares are far too many and potentially serious.
Still, like everything else, it serendipitously works for some. Both the church shopping and the dating, I mean.

(I'm out in the Berkshires and boy, is the font teensy tinsy on this teensy tinsy Mac computer!)


Blogger Dan Harper said...

Alas, the reality is that many (even most) people are now finding churches via the Web. So I think that puts the onus on those of us creating the church Web site to be as forthcoming as possible about theology, stance on gay rights, etc. -- alongside the where-to-park info.

((By the way, if you use Safari as your Web browser on that cute little Mac, you can go up to the View menu, and click on Make Text Bigger.))

Blogger David said...

Enjoy your mini vacation.

I can shop for some clothes via the net and have had some luck with window treatments and other items for which a photo might provide enough information as to render an decent decision.

I find church websites informative but my opinion is much like my opinion of those sites like One can not tell about a church or a person without experiencing it in real life. As virtual as our world has become, they have yet to replace reality.

Blogger UUEnforcer said...

I went once to check it out and the preaching sucked! the music though nice fell into "the blood of Jesus," "the blood of the lamb," blood, blood blood." You would that they're vampires all this blood. However it does make me feel hemmed in at times by our church, because if that crappy church can grow so large why can't we?

Blogger Chalicechick said...

CC actually tried to go to

But she gets it now.

Must be morning.



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