Wednesday, July 13, 2005


I'm running off to the Berkshires tonight for a couple of nights. I'm going to a concert at Tanglewood (Sondheim! with Marin Mazzie, Greg Edelman and Faith Prince! Broadway fans, swoon away) and then to see "Equus" at the Berkshire Theatre Festival on Thursday night.

I have decided that, along with most of the world, I hate car salesmen. Why must they be such vultures? Why, when I assure them that I am simply test driving, pricing various models and getting *ready* to buy a car, must they insist on obtaining my phone number and e-mail address and then harassing me for weeks afterward? Who's idea of good salesmanship is THAT? In what parallel universe does that technique actually work?
(And why don't I just refuse to give that information the next time? I've learned that you don't actually, legally have to fill out any paperwork before test driving cars).

When are these wolverines going to get hip to the fact that anyone who has access to the Internet knows exactly how much their old car is worth, how much the dealership paid for that new car on the lot, and everything about the engine (including the fact that a V-6 engine does require premium fuel, Mr. Lying Head Sales Schmuck)? I may be a girl but I ain't that dumb.

In totally unrelated rantings, I just learned that one of my favorite comedians, Mitch Hedberg, died in late March. Very sad. He was weird and bright and really funny.


Blogger Obijuan said...

I just read about Mitch a couple of days ago, myself. So sad, and yet I can't help being angry with him for the stupid way he made his exit.

Blogger fausto said...

FWIW, I've had 2 V-6's from different manufacturers over the last ten years, and both are recommended for 87 (regular) octane according to their car booklet.

What kid of cars are you thinking about? There was a little blogodebate over whether the Prius or Subaru was more archetypically UU a few months ago.

(I guess my V-6's must demonstrate that I'm not archetypically UU. Oh, the shame.)

Blogger jfield said...

Mitch Hedberg going so soon after Spalding Gray was a bit much for me.

"I drive cars a lot when I am on the road. Sometimes when I rent a car, I just leave the emergency brake on. It doesn't say a lot about me, but it says even less for the emergency brake. I can not imagine the emergency , "Hurry, I need the car to smell bad and drive funny."


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