Thursday, July 07, 2005

Not Your Diana Ross Supremes

You should read Philocrites on the possibility of Alberto Gonzalez as a Supreme Court nominee:

The right to a safe and legal abortion in all 50 states isn't the only cherished freedom we stand to lose courtesy of the next Supreme Court. But listen to the religious left, honey, and you'll think it is.

Don't get me started on the pro-choice leadership in this country. Especially the religious voice for choice. Boy howdy, have they missed the boat. You wanna talk about your George Lakoff frames... (and you do)...the religious voice for reproductive rights is still trotting out tired-ass 1970's rhetoric about women's right to choose as though we haven't had a massive upswell of fundamentalism since then. The religious progressives have never adjusted their frames accordingly or learned how to really sock it to the anti-choice factions using their own fire-and-brimstone tactics.
You bring photos of aborted fetuses to my rally and I'm going to empty out a busload of starving orphans on your ass. You love babies so much? You feed them, you clothe them, you care for them. Here, help us pass out some sandwiches... unless you'd prefer to harass the women entering the clinic for Pap smears, you vile, hypocritical, hateful s.o.b.'s!

okay. phew. [Reading this a day later, I'm sorry to be so terrible. I've been to rallies and seen women I know have had abortions protesting on the other side of the line. What the hell are they doing there?? There's a lot of pain, guilt, repression and group-think at play here, and anti-choice people aren't all vile, hypocritical and hateful. Nor are they sons of bitches. Let's not malign their mothers. They're just, um, jackasses? Dorks? Rotten bastids? Some of them. Randall Terry, for instance, for whom there are not enough swear words in PeaceBang's rich repetoire]

But really, since I'm on the subject:
Ask your primary care physician: does he or she support abortion rights? If your daughter, wife, sister, friend or lover wanted to terminate a pregnancy, to whom would your PCP refer you? How about in the event that abortion becomes illegal in your state? How about then?
It's not too early to start asking these questions.
Where can you get a prescription for Emergency Contraception filled? Where might you not be able to? Does your pharmacist dispense medications regardless of his or her own religious convictions as to their moral acceptability?

If not, why does that pharmacy get your business?


Blogger Alvin said...

The real problem, IMHO, is that we, as a country, have our priorities bass ackwards. If we stopped to put them in order, children would always be fed and clothed, have a safe home, and be given a first class education. In other words, if we had our priorities straight, ALL children would be treated as if they were valuable. And if we treated children as if they were valuable, ALL pregnancies would be a cause for celebration, bar none.

So abortions aren't a problem, they're a symptom. And anyone who's trying to end abortions without addressing the real problem DOESN'T REALLY WANT TO END ABORTIONS.


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