Wednesday, June 29, 2005

"The Importance of Art:" DISCUSS

T-Man Sam, my maniac Ottawa artist and fellow Bohunk Easter egg, needs some brainy type person to write a gorgeous, brings-tears-to-the-eyes essay suitable for a brochure at an art gallery: something on the value of ART.

The idea is that people will read this brochure and understand that art is not a luxury, and that it doesn't need to match the couch in your living room. And you should buy it, acquire it, and love it.

Have at it, darlings. E-mail submissions to me at Maybe about 400 words?


Anonymous Jessica Alexander said...

What an intriguing assignment. One truly wonderful thing about art is that it lets a person see, momentarily, through someone else's eyes. Looking at VanGogh's self-portrait and Gaugin's portrait of VanGogh, would you know that both paintings were of the same man? Some things are so hard to put into words. Art can answer, perhaps more eloquently than is possible with words for many, "How do you see the world?"


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