Wednesday, June 15, 2005

What the Hell Are RUMBA PANTIES?

Remember when I said today that "nothing human is alien to me?"

I think I might be takin' that back.

Courtesy of PlanetDan, with my eternal, diapered thanks.


Blogger Chalicechick said...

FWIW, it wasn't a CSI Miami episode, it was a regualr episode.

And the diaper thing is really appalling.


Blogger Paul Wilczynski said...

We need to understand and accept that there are those who are different from us. This lifestyle may certainly be more foreign to us than, say, being gay (especially for those who are gay) but let's not be quick to condemn something we don't relate to.

Blogger Oversoul said...

All I think of is Edie McClurg asking "are you a drinker or a stinker?"

Blogger PeaceBang said...

Unless he was kidding, Paul's immediate equation of incredulity with condemnation is a common -- and huge-- liberal mistake.
When people's totally justified reactions of "Wow, how 'BOUT that!!?" are primly denounced as condemnation and failure to accept,that's a huge recipe for boundariless communities where anything goes, and no one's allowed an authentic reaction, and therefore no one can work their way to getting comfortable with weirdness and difference.

Hence, thousands upon thousands of potential Unitarian Universalists out the door, because their authentic responses to weirdness are deemed inappropriate and unacceptable.

There IS such a thing as weird, Paul. You know that, I know it, and God knows it. Furries and adult babies count among the weird.

If Mr. King Baby wanted to come to my church, he would be met at the door and told that unless he can guarantee that his diaper is under control for the full hour, he's not welcome to worship. We can't have an entire community hijacked by one person who, by his own free will, *decided* to be incontinent.
He can hang out in a bonnet all he wants, but no pooping in the Meetinghouse. When pooping happens, and it has, it's unintentional. Not an affirmation of someone's personal kink.

Blogger Paul Wilczynski said...

Well, ok, then I have to ask ... aside from political correctness, why do you consider Mr. Baby weird and a gay person not weird? Is it outward appearance? What if a gay person is in a Gay Pride parade dressed in a "flaunting" way?

What does "weird" mean, exactly?

And I'd point out the CC used the word "appalling". That sounds like condemnation to me.

I'd agree with your "diaper under control" criterion. It might be the same one I would use to allow animals into the service if we could convince them to comply.

Blogger Paul Wilczynski said...

And putting aside the pooping point for a moment, let's consider crossdressers. What differentiates them from Mr. Baby? One dresses differently by gender; the other dresses differently by age.

Are crossdressers weird? If not, what differentiates them from Mr. Baby?

Blogger Chalicechick said...

His choice of attire doens't appall me so much as the reporter's comment about his obvious smell of human feces.

To be honest, that would really distract from my worship experience even if it were an old person who couldn't control it.

But a guy who did it on purpose?

Givest thou me a break...

who meant in her first post that it was "CSI" rather than CSI:Miami" they are two different shows. I was really inarticulate yesterday for some reason.

FWIW, the CSI episode did not make a big deal of the diapers, but the King Baby guy did die with two gallons of milk in his stomach. For whatever reason, the idea of two gallons of milk sloshing around in a stomach grosses me out. But he could still worship with me as long as he didn't smell.

Blogger PeaceBang said...

Paul, I hear you comparing a man who *chooses* to remain in an infantile, socially pathological condition to a gay person. That disturbs me. Cross-dressers are also, while very "different," not socially pathological. They're not trying to be two years old. It also disturbs me that you would compare this man with animals, who are sentient beings but who cannot choose to adjust their bowels to the social norms of a given situation.


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