Monday, June 13, 2005

Could Have Knocked Me Ovah With a Feathah

Mr. Brindly Head
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You know how sometimes you find out that a word you thought meant something doesn't mean that at all, and you were a big Totally Wrong Head every time you used it?
And you think, "Geez, what a dope I am!"

I always thought "brindle" meant wiry-haired, like Brillo, with a connotation of old and cranky like this hilarious ancient schnauzer I met last night named Pettibone Smith (I think she's a schnauzer. Maybe a Something Terrier).

Anyway, when you pet her, she is very BRINDLY; her fur almost cuts your hand!
But I am so wrong! "Brindle" or "brindled" refers, in fact, to a color combination, not a quality of the hair at all.

I think I might just refuse to accept this.

I just need you to know that when I was standing in the kitchen saying my farewells, old Pettibone came over and peed right on the floor and almost got my foot. She was intentionally creating a diversion -- and she was successful -- because as we were howling and mopping up and exclaiming she bee-lined right over to the other dog's food bowl and made out like a bandit. Cleaned the plate.

That naughty, brindly girl!

(P.S. What's a bee-line? Is it a B-line?)


Anonymous Peregrinato said...

Beeline or bee-line:
A direct, straight course.
To move swiftly in a direct, straight course.

[From the belief that a bee returns to its hive in a straight course.]

courtesy Heritage Dictionary (4th ed.)

Blogger David said...

Beeline is used quite often here in the deep south. The correct usage would be as follows:

I told ya he beeline about ware he was last night.

Blogger PeaceBang said...

Hey David,
Sorry to hear about your good old hound being laid to rest. That sucks.
On a lighter note, the t-shirt on your June 14th posting is hi-larious!
be cool


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