Saturday, June 11, 2005

Funky Format

Something's going on with the PeaceBang format, which I may have inadverdently caused by going into the archives in some way. (I also can't spell inadverdently. Why isn't there spell checker on Blogspot?)

Help me, Obi Wan Scott Wellsobi. I am unfrozen caveman blogger. Your modern technologies frighten me.

Anyway, I thought a fresh post might help bring everything back to normal.
Like a high colonic for my blog.

P.S. That fixed it.

P.P.S. The dog thing isn't happening. Pastor the Collie turns out to be a rather sickly old gentleman, and he is being kept and fostered in CT, and not brought home to live in the parsonage with the PeaceBang and her cat.
P.P.P.S. However, stay tuned for more adventures of "Cat!Dog!Parsonage!" as it may be that Sister of PeaceBang will be relocating to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in August, staying with P.B. and bringing along her collection of bajillions of books, assorted small cute furniture items (if you didn't know her and all you saw was her pile of belongings, you might think she was a Hobbit. Or a Pict), and her dog GORDON (Breed: orange, smooth) and cat SID (it just sounds Jewish... his full name is Siddhartha. Breed: gray, claymation).

Don't you think "Cats!Dog! Parsonage!" is a great name for a reality show? I thought all of those exclamation points would make it more sexy and appealing.

Maybe we should call it "The Girls!Cats!Dog!Parsonage! Show" ! When you say it, make sure to really shout out the exclaimed words. And hold "show" really long, in a way that evokes Ed Sullivan.


Blogger fausto said...

I have a feeling Ed (peace be upon him) would have had a blast with youse guys.

Anonymous SOPB said...

How about: Stressed out Unemployed Art Teacher! OLD Dog! Cats! Seething PB! Unpaid Grad School Loans! No Health Care! Too Many Beauty Products in the ONE Bathroom! Sexually Frustrated Spinster Sisters Living Togetherin the Parsonage! Rully Beeg SHEWWW!


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