Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Harvard Commencement

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Happy, happy graduation, little Harvard boys and girls!!

May all your campuses be perfectly manicured, and all your jobs deeply meaningful and well-paying. Remember... you're ENTITLED.

It's a Crimson, Crimson, Crimson, Crimson World!!


Anonymous Philocrites said...

Slacker that I am, I didn't sign up to go to my fifth HDS reunion dinner. I'm holding out for 2010! Go Class of Ought Ought!

(Mrs Philocrites loves Diana Eck's play-by-play of Commencement on WHRB. I've tuned in sometimes on graduation day just to hear her color commentary on the proceedings.)

Blogger fausto said...

Oh, did Harvard graduate today?

Guess they're a little behind, as usual, the vanguardish self-image nothwithstanding, eh?

(BTW, did anybody mention any Unitarian presidents in the commencement address? Just wondering.)

Anonymous Philocrites said...

Tomorrow, Fausto, tomorrow. Harvard has to go last because they set up the chairs in a verrrrrry special way and it takes forever. But I'm especially proud of having received a degree on a Thursday.


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