Sunday, June 05, 2005

I Have Always Hated Motorcycles

A few weekends ago, I did a wedding for a wonderful young couple from our church. I sat with one of the groomsmen at the rehearsal dinner and had a great time talking with him, discussing all manner of topics and especially our mutual fondness for solo road time. He is a motorcycle guy. A cute one, at that.

Today I learned that Mike was gravely injured in an accident on his motorcycle on Saturday night, just a mile from his home. He will lose an eye, and half of one leg. His face will have to be completely reconstructed.
They do not think, however, that he has any brain damage or paralysis. Thank God.
When he flew off of his bike he landed in the yard of a nurse who saved his life by preventing him from choking on his own blood. Her husband, who works for New England Medical Center, knew how to get an airlift immediately for him.

Please keep Mike S. in your prayers.

God grant him strength, patience and the courage he will need to endure this time of trial.

Please drive safely. Please do not take risks in motor vehicles whether they be of the two wheeled or four-wheeled variety.


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