Thursday, June 02, 2005


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M. and P. and I went to see "Falsettoland" last night at the Huntington Theatre. Cross one off my "I've-ALWAYS-heard-so-much-about- that-show-and-never-seen-it" List.

In some ways it was a fairly cliched AIDS-era story: boy meets boy, boy leaves wife and kid, wife takes up with another man, lesbian neighbors make cute,bar mitzvah,death, etc.

But you know, when cliche is done well it plays not so much as cliche, but as classic.

I think "Falsettoland" is a classic.

The music is weird and haunting. It takes you off guard both musically and lyrically. The number "March of the Falsettos" is going to stay with me for a very long time. Some day in my dotage I'll recall it and think to myself, "I must have dreamed that."

We saw a fine production with a very strong cast but none among them finer than Jacob Brandt, a 7th grader from Newton who played Jason.

Add Jacob Brandt to my growing list of Boston-area performers I'll drive any distance in the metro area to see, and in anything.

I look forward to getting the orginal cast recording. The second act love song is, to my ears, one of the loveliest in the musical theatre repetoire.

ANYWay... I feel I'm breathing more deeply in the past days than I have in about six months. The church year is winding down. I have had three CONSECUTIVE week nights free. Kaloo-Kalay, she chortled in her joy!

On Tuesday night I actually sat and read a book for an uninterrupted hour and a half before bed. The rain was falling softly and the house was utterly silent. It was one of the more blissful nights of my existence. Nothing sexy, nothing exciting, just a book, a girl, some rain, and total peace.


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