Thursday, May 26, 2005

I'd Hate For You To Miss This

Two recent posts by one of my favorite bloggers, Dan of PlanetDan:

I am directing you toward the balloon Crucifix ("The Passion as Interpreted By Bonkers the Clown") and the announcement of a new line of greeting cards for adulterers...

P.S. Did you see the "American Idol" finale? I watched it for the first time last week, just in time to see Vonzell get cut (is she gorgeous or what??) and Carrie and Bo progress to the insanity of the final competition.

The thing is a marvel of old school, Lawrence Welk-y "WOW, WOTTA SHOW" production values and direction, which I think is brill. They manage to be both incredibly cheezy and fun, and to wink at their fun cheeziness at the same time. I love Ryan Seacrest's flaunty gay "I'm not gay" thing, and those three judges are the Wyrd sisters of American pop culture (doctoral thesis, someone? someone?) The contestants are sincere and adorable, and I love that it takes both vocal chops and mental stability to make it to the end. Carrie and Bo aren't any better than really good karaoke singers I've known in my life; I love them because they represent all those unknown talents who will never get their day in the bright sun of huge, instant fame. Besides, they're both shiny and sweet and hard-working, and ... (omg, did you see the parents of that one black contestant in the audience? Looking like they were wearing costumes from "Ain't Misbehavin?" Get out the TiVo. You cannot miss it. They were unbelievably smashing).


Blogger Chalicechick said...

Kevin Aucoin kicked ass. I have several of his books.


Anonymous Alison said...

I haven't been able to explain to anyone why I love American Idol in all its glorious cheese. As a 28-yr-old married New Yorker, I'm not exactly the demographic. Thanks for making me feel like I'm not insane for enjoying this spectacle!


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