Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Little Girls, Comedy and Tragedy

Sheeow Business!
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When I was a kid I absolutely adored the eccentric little Alan Parker film, "Bugsy Malone." It starred my eternal crush, Scott Baio (the inspiration for 100 shop-lifted "Tiger Beat" magazines at Breslow's), and it was a gangster *musical* with an entirely teen and pre-teen cast.Jodie Foster, then about 15, played Tallulah. It killed.

The wonderfully cricket-voiced Bonnie Langford (already a child star of the West End), had a cameo appearance as an outrageous diva. There she is in the photo, draped in furs, all of maybe 10 years old.

When I saw this recent photo of Mary Kate Olsen,

I was reminded of the hilarious Miz Langford. But then I got very sad. MK Olsen is in her twenties. It's funny when little girls dress up in big girl clothes to lampoon outlandish diva behavior, but it's another thing entirely when adult women starve themselves into ten-year old bodies.

We wish Miss Olsen well. Meanwhile, we encourage you to rent "Bugsy Malone" and prepare to roll on the couch when Bonnie Langford makes her immortal entrance.


Blogger jfield said...

Ohmyg-d, Bugsy Malone. Somehow I think I thought that was just a bad dream I had or pieced together after watching Santa Claus Conquers The Martians (Pia Zadora's first film) one fine holiday season.


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