Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Cold-Free Since October of 2004

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I am such a fan of this stuff. I take them at the first sign of a cold and I haven't had a full-blown cough since last fall. Considering that I spent much of December sharing water bottles and stage make-up with germy little child actors, and that I just spent two days with my adorable but crusty-nosed, hacking baby nephews, that's pretty impressive.

I woke up with a sore throat and a slightly stuffy nose and headache yesterday in PA and pounded the Airborne, and then I flew home on bacteria-infested USAirways flight 1058. I drank two Emergen-C's tonight and wanked a few Zicam nose swabs up my nose (I learned about Zicam from my pal Tracy Silva who used them all the time when we were in "Ragtime" together. Yes, I'm dropping her name. Google her and you'll see why we're all beaming with pride over her since last June).


I slummed for the evening with "American Idol" (my second time ever watching it -- GO, BO BICE!) and even... yes... watched Kevin and Britney's show. Like a train wreck. Could not look away.

Now I'm over-tired but so glad to be home, and heading off to my very own bed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

FYI to my favorite tender-hearted-madcap-blogger: Google Zicam and check-out the possible side-effects on the sense of smell. From my own experience,I think there'something to it.

Blogger PeaceBang said...

oh my gosh. I looked and now I am running around smelling everything to make sure I still CAN smell!! I have a nose like a bloodhound -- I can literally smell impending sickness and have many times sniffed out bulimia and alcohol abuse) and would be in a very bad way if I lost that precious sense, which I believe is the key to my strong and usually accurate intuitions...

My smelling is fine. I am throwing out the Zicam RIGHT NOW. Thank you, anonymous poster!! We love you!


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