Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Mama Has a Beef

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As long as we're discussing the irritations and minor indignities of single life (I know... married/partnered life has them, too... I know), let me highlight this one MAJOR irritation.

PeaceBang would like to take a little trip this summer, as she has lots of time to do so. Since she spends so many hours surfing travel web sites, she gets many e-mail solications from various tour groups with yummy-looking photos such as the one pictured here.

Mmm, Santorini! yummyyummyyummyyummy!!

And this is the kicker: the ad says, "Santorini -- from $999!!"

But when you pop into the site for more info, you learn that the tour really IS just about $1000 bucks ... UNLESS YER SINGLE.

If you're single, it's more like,


Very disheartening. Because PeaceBang wouldn't mind traveling with others -- in fact, she'd like to-- but not if they snore or can't navigate public transportation in a foreign language (rendering them totally dependent on PB to get around), and not if they're drunks, and not if they need to smoke all day long, and not if they like to pick up Mexican waiters. Also, it would be nice if they can pay their own way and if they don't expect PB to join them on hikes through the desert, or that sort of thing.

PeaceBang is also a little bit too much of an individualist to do the tour thing. Schedules make her itchy. She does not want to have to rise at the crack of dawn to get on a bus to Seville. No. She prefers the freedom of train schedules and rented cars.

PB likes to go to museums, she likes to people-watch at cafes, she likes to walk around aimlessly, she likes to attend cultural events, she likes to shop, she likes to sleep well and soundly and mostly soberly and have coffee in the morning. She likes to talk to the locals and she works hard to learn local languages before she departs from the U.S. of A.

If she is in Italy she likes to have gelato every day.

It must also be noted that she likes to pet and talk to almost every single dog and cat she sees, and also some birds. Also occasionally flowers.

Please explain the "Single Supplement" to me. I am now referring to it as "Single Punishment."


Anonymous Peregrinato said...

I heart peacebang.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are travel destinations that waive the "punishment" fee; however, most of them do not look tempting or they have waived the fees because it is the off season. An off season is just a way of telling you that most of the attractions for that area are going to be closed or the weather will hinder the enjoyment. I say screw it, pay the extra cash, interview for some job you never intend on taking and write the trip off on taxes.

Anonymous alto2 said...

I've been looking through your excellent blog for a few days, but this one I absolutely have to respond to, 'cause boy, do I feel your pain (some of your post sounds eerily like something I'd have said!).

I love to travel but, as a teacher, hate having to beg someone to go with me just so I can afford my share of the trip. I understand that hotel fees are split when I travel with someone, and not when I don't. But for the love of Pete, with all the single folks running around anymore, surely there must be some way to get around that. And while I love to hang out in cool places with my friends, there's a lot to be said for wandering around on my own (and all the other things on your list).

And I am literally physically allergic to packaged tours.

Blogger Chalicechick said...


I'd say this sounds like a job for Craigslist.



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