Thursday, May 26, 2005

Kitties and Doggies Break

Okay, I was away from my cat for a week, and I forgot how funny she is. My favorite thing is when she walks into the kitchen squealing with a little yawn, stretches way out, and then falls over on her side in that exact position, splatting onto the floor like someone shot her. It's hi-larious.

(*squeeeeeal... splat*)

So, PeaceBangers, what silly/stupid/endearing thing does your cat/dog/gerbil/snake/guinea pig do that makes it worth spending six hundred bucks a year on kibble and mashed chicken guts and chew toys?

Let's hear from some of those lurkers out there! C'mon, don't be shy!


Blogger Chalicechick said...

Far from a lurker, but hey, I have ten minutes to kill.

We have two cats whom we love and a dog we don't want.

"Cool Disco Dan," the upstairs cat, is frequently kicked off the bed for chewing on CC's toes. He has earned the nickname "Squeaky kitty" for his constant vocalization.

"Boris," the downstairs cat, is best known for his food-gathering trick. Rather than just standing at the plate and noshing, Boris will knock a piece of food off of a plate and kick it into a corner someplace, calmly eating it there. We've witnessed him trying this with an entire slice of pizza.

"Wolf," the huskie one of the Chalicebrothers abandoned at CC's house, eats a lot and chewed up the shoes CC got married in.

Anybody want to adopt a dog?


Blogger fausto said...

Our cat lies flat on her back with all four feet sticking straight up in the air for hours at a time. She will also chase the spot of light from a flashlight arount the room until she's exhausted, without ever noticing it isn't really tangible prey. Sometimes you can make her spin around in circles chasing it until she gets dizzy and falls over.

I've heard that there are those who get their jollies chewing on their mistress's shoes from Frederick's, CC, but a dog? Better not tell Rick Santorum.

Anonymous Catherine said...

My kitty has a cute/incredibly annoying (take your pick) ritual for drinking her water. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that she go through this process before she will drink. Especially if the water isn't fresh because it's been sitting out for a really long time - like, say, an hour.

First, she dips her paw in the water and then licks it off. Taste good yet? Let's try again. Ok, now it passes.

Then she plays soccer with the bowl - shoves it sideways with one paw, spilling water everywhere, and then shoves it the other way with the other paw, and so forth. If she's in a particularly feisty mood, she'll shove it all the way across the kitchen to the edge of the dining room carpet. I've kicked the bowl clear across the room more than once when it was dark or I wasn't watching my feet. It's our special little game - where's the bowl now? And how much water is left in it vs. what's on the floor?

Finally, if she decides the water's ok, she'll stick her paw in again, test it again, and then will carefully drink from the side of the bowl.

It's cute. Sure. But I'm done with soggy socks. Using putty to attach the bowl to the floor didn't work. Getting a heavier bowl didn't work. The stupid kitty-waterfall-fountain arrives next week. Kitty wins again.

Blogger Chalicechick said...


I loved those shoes.


Anonymous Catherine said...

Dinah, the cat who lives in my house, enjoys playing in the tub after I get out of the shower. She doesn't want to be in standing water, but she enjoys any wet surface. Then she gets out and leaves little kitty paw prints all over my house.

Anonymous Oversoul said...

Ha! I wish I only spent $600 a YEAR. I think I spent close to a thousand last month alone. My dog’s are quite needy (mostly it was medical stuff though-thank God for pet insurance).

We have an older dog, almost 12 years old, and a younger dog, about 1.5 years old. The younger one loves to get the older one to chase her up and down the first floor of the house. She jumps on the loveseat, which is harder for the older one to get on quickly, then jumps down on the floor to start the circuit again. They love it, and it keeps them both out of my hair.

Anonymous CT lurker said...

If I scratch my cat under the chin, she washes the palm of my hand at the same time. She's done this little trick for as long as I've had her. I think of it as symbiosis.

She likes to scramble onto the back of an easy chair and chase her tail, occasionally getting worked up to the point of hissing and spitting at it. She ONLY does so on this particular chair, and it cracks my husband up every time because he didn't believe that cats actually chased their tails.

She's also an interesting drinker--in my old apartment she used to drink from the bathroom sink and (occasionally) the toilet, but my husband didn't particularly like either of these, so he's diverted her to drinking from the tub. She goes in whenever any of us go, sits on the ledge at the side of the tub, and waits for someone to turn on the faucet. Occasionally she'll do it even when no one's going in there--just expecting us to see the long stripey tail sticking out of the shower curtain and rush to do her bidding.


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