Wednesday, July 06, 2005

A Word From The Editor

Just FYI, I'm obviously not on hiatus any more.

I've been blogging for a little over 7 months now and still figuring out what it's all about (Alfie).

I have noticed that lots of my favorite bloggers don't post for weeks, and I think that's great. I'm going to feel free to do that, too, and not have to call it a hiatus.

I love our little UU blogging community but it's a bright, quick and demanding one that I can't always keep up with. I admire those who do, but I can't.

I may occasionally turn off comments as a way to say, "PB has put something out there and invites you to go discuss it without her." Blogging is, by nature, ephemeral. I find that a very active comments section makes me feel as though everything I write may require a subsequent lengthy conversation, and I just don't have the energy to maintain that kind of vigilance.

I had this fantasy that I was going to wake up real early every morning this summer and do some reading and studying and have a work-out before starting my day of other brilliant things.

So far I've stayed up 'til about 2:00 a.m. most nights watching things like "Animal Precinct." I wake up at about 10:00. My big new translation of Don Quixote is sitting on the floor unopened.

Peace. Bang.


Blogger David said...

Love the schedule. I work out around 5 get home around 7 or so. Paint or some other home renovation till around 10 or so. Talk to friends on the phone until they tell me to go to bed then read till the infomercials are ending. I grab a short nap and start again. Just give up sleep and you be able to do all your projects.

Blogger Chalicechick said...

I have just exchanged the following emails with one of my best friends in the world after I commented that the idea of Judith Miller in leg irons was kind of funny:

Friend: I cannot understand why the idea of Judith Miller in leg irons would
amuse anyone who values the Bill of Rights, as this administration does
You have never been in countries where the population was regularly
threatened with machine-guns, as I have. Grrr.

Because without her credulous self, we might not be in the war on Iraq.

Your friend didn't lose a boyfriend in a war that was fanned along by Judith Miller's scoops from Chalabi that all turned out to be lies. Grr.

(Also, whose side do you think the administration is on? Do you think THEY want her threatened with jail for not selling THEM out? Hell no, they want her back in her Manhattan apartment, this whole thing having blown over. It's the liberals who want her to talk so much, because it's assumed that what she would say would indict Karl Rove.)

My point in posting these?

Some people like to fight.

For some of us, argument is an intellectual game and we don't take it terribly seriously. My friend and I take extremely snotty tones with one another in what you've jut read, but that's just the nature of the game. I swear we will call each other sometime this week and be best friends again. You've seen a sliver of the middle of a competitive tennis game. After the game, it's drinks together in the bar, our friendship no less no matter who won.

I admit it, I am zealous on the point that we do not live in a polarized world. Everything Republican is not evil, everything Christian is not evil, etc. etc. When lazy logic has people deciding "Something bad happened. The Republicans must be doing it" without thinking things through, I do sometimes go on the offensive, especially if I think the person is capable of much better.

And yeah, I probably do that kind of thing here and probably shouldn't if it is annoying to you. I wouldn't get into an argument at your party and I shouldn't do it at your blog.

Please don't let my obnoxiousness worry you or make you feel that you must respond. If you'd rather I tried to behave myself on your blog, I really will try.

who runs a barfight of a blog herself, she admits, and joyfully participates.


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