Thursday, July 28, 2005

Revenge Can Be Kind of Sweet, Admit It

Hey Jude
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This is a bone I'm throwing to those of you who care not a whit about Unitarian Universalism and just live for PeaceBang's snarky pop culture commentary (and if you do, I wish for you a life).

Okay, you all know that the scrumptrulescent Jude Law cheated on his boho-princess fiancee Sienna Miller with their NANNY, right? And you know that he issued a public apology, right?

Well, did you happen to know who it was that hired the long-legged, blonde nanny in the first place?

Think real hard.

Yes, it was Jude Law's EX, Sadie Frost.

Who was herself, I believe, cheated upon when Mr. Law stepped out with Miz Miller.

And that's what I call a beautiful revenge.


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