Monday, July 18, 2005

Peace and Canada Quiet

canada lake
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As my sister pointed out, I already live in one of the most picturesque areas anyone could ask for. So why would I need to leave this tourist destination for another tourist destination?
Simple: In Canada, no one knows my name, lots of people don't even speak my language, and if I get caught in a bathing suit it's not going to do any damage to my reputation.

It's cooler in Canada, it's cheaper in Canada, it's cleaner in Canada, and my B&B has a HEATED POOL, which beats the icy Atlantic any time. But in case you miss frigid waters there's something called The Polar Club nearby that offers ice baths.

Sister of PeaceBang, her trusty hound, and PeaceBang are first going to St. Johnsbury, VT to make a pilgrimage to the DOG CHAPEL. I think I told you about it already, but we're really excited. We got reservations at a pet-friendly hotel 45 minutes away that looks so unintentionally retro and cute you just can't stand it. You can practically fall out of your bed and into a big lake. Gordon is going to love it.



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