Monday, January 17, 2005

bombie prince harry

bombie prince harry
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When I first saw this image, I was flooded with disgust and fury, imagining this stinking rich, in-bred royal strutting about in this hateful costume and giggling with his little friends from Eaton. Then someone said, "Hey, ease up: the theme of this dress party was 'Tasteless.'" So I eased up. A lot. I figured Lady Di's Boy was just dumb and insensitive, not necessarily totally despicable.
But I was misinformed. According the the Britain Sun (a tabloid, I know, but they're THERE and we're HERE), the theme of the party was "Colonial and Native."
Let's just say that I'm reserving my judgment: I'm not spitting between my index and middle fingers at the mention of Harry's name yet, but it could happen any day now. If you have reliable sources that can confirm the party's theme, I'd like to know.


Blogger Adam Tierney-Eliot said...

I could be wrong but I have heard that it was "colonial and native. But isn't "Colonial and Native" also tastless? What did his diplomatic big brother wear? Was it tasteless, too? I must admit that to see the royals in action makes me proud to be an American. Until, that is, until I realize that our own "royals" in the American aristocracy are just as out of touch with the lives of the rest of us as Harry is.

What can we do about things like this except make a big stink? I think Harry was a fool. I think also that there are a great many other more dangerous and powerful fools out there who need to be made accountable for their actions and for making poor Harry think he can do whatever he wants...

Anyway, stink on, peacebang!


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