Wednesday, April 25, 2007

GA Blogger's Dinner

So... who wants to organize the great Blogger's Dinner at GA in Portland this year?

(I did it last year)


Blogger ms. kitty said...

What does it entail, PB?

Blogger revmama24 said...

You're coming to Portland? How very exciting!

Blogger PeaceBang said...

Miz Kitty, it's pretty easy. First, you nag everyone to commit to coming on a certain night (I think we did Friday night last night), pick a restaurant, make a reservation, and then keep nagging everyone to show up! I'll be happy to help.

Blogger ms. kitty said...

I would be willing to help organize that, then. Do we just get the word out on the blog, then? I know Portland, having served there, so I think I could come up with a restaurant not too far away.

Blogger Ron said...

I hope we can keep it on Friday night. The family and I could do that. Saturday night, btw, from 6:15 to 8:15 p.m. the UUCF is sponsoring a $20 dinner at First Church Portland that will feature Rev. Thomas Anastasi of Shoreline church in Seattle leading the annual hymn sing using his Revival hymnbook, and we are planning on having Kathleen Norris be our guest as well (she won't have any speaking duties then, just a chance to be our guest and sing with us, the night before her GA lecture Sunday morning). I am taking reservations now at and let me know if veggie, vegan, etc. Looking forward to another neat bloggers dinner at GA. And thanks to all who organize it.

Blogger Chalicechick said...

I second the nomination of Miss Kitty since she's a local.


Blogger ms. kitty said...

Okay, tell me what to think about---vegetarians? local cuisine? proximity to the convention center? How many were there last year? How do we advertise? Do people order off the menu? I need info!

Blogger PeaceBang said...

Some tips:
1. I think the most important thing is finding a place with a big table, not too loud, open and bright with good ambience.
2. Food should be whatever is good. Most menus have vegetarian options, so don't worry about it.
3. Proximity to CC is nice, but not a necessity. We all got to the St. Louis restaurant in various ways: cars, public transportation, etc. Near public transportation is important if it's not nearby.
4. Make friends with the head servers for our group and work with them throughout the experience. I just checked in occasionally to make sure they weren't overwhelmed. I took final responsibility for the bill and told everyone in advance to bring PLENTY OF CASH, as we would not be doing any splitting of bills, charging with various cards, etc.
I asked that everyone stick around until the bill was settled and the tip cleared, and it was no problem. The final bill was $730.
5. I think there were 19 of us.
6. You don't need to advertise too much, just pick a place and let the UU blogging community get the word out with you.

Blogger ms. kitty said...

Thanks for the tips, PB and others. I'll get on it. If others have thoughts to share, please send them to me at kitketcham at comcast dot net.

Blogger Chalicechick said...

((Proximity to CC is nice, but not a necessity.)))

That produced a brief moment of cognitive dissonance, particularly since you sat next to me at last year's dinner.


Blogger LaReinaCobre said...

Sounds good; I'll attempt to be there!


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