Thursday, April 19, 2007

Melinda Doolittle Is My American Idol

I watched "American Idol" on Tuesday night and, um, Melinda was the only one who didn't have serious pitch and tonality problems.

What happened this season?

That kid Sanjaya was atrociously bad. What was the deal there?

The kid who sang badly and then tried to redeem himself by giving a shout-out to his friends at Virginia Tech (Chris?) had terrible tonality issues, and was "pitchy."

Jordin Sparks was waaaay overrated. She had a few great moments, but I've seen local karaoke singers do a much better job with similarly difficult songs. She went flat several times!

I was rather horrified by the scream fest that was "Jesus Take the Wheel." You have to know your voice better than that.

Melinda was the one bright spot in a painful evening. She's the hands-down winner in that group.

Oh, and by the way: Simon wasn't rolling his eyes at Chris's tearful comment. He couldn't *hear* Chris's tearful comment. He was understandably pish-poshing the kid's snotty protestation that "nasally is a kind of singing."

I won't be tuning in again. There seems to be no competition there.


Blogger Kaleigh said...

My husband was in the "Universe of Sanjaya" (because he's a contrarian by nature), and now that Sanjaya is off the show, he really doesn't care about watching. Me? I agree with you. Melinda is so much better than the others. But I do like Blake. He's a nice bit of eye candy after a long day.


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